Cottage Rental Association is dedicated to advocating on behalf of cottage rental owners and renters. We  strive to educate and support our members for the protection of our environment and respect for our neighbours.  We are a resource for municipalities in the promotion of sustainable cottage rental practices and community initiatives.  Read more...



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The Cottage Rental Association consists of members who are cottage owners and renters, residents and business owners  who are opposed to regulation of recreational waterfront cottage rentals.  We consist of experienced and caring cottage owners with a plethora of expertise in cottage rentals and ownership. Our membership has a wide range of skill sets including but not limited to; finance, real estate, medical, first responders, trades persons, consultants, education, business, political and much more.  Many  of our members have been immersed in cottage ownership and culture for multiple generations and understand the need for sustainability and preservation for our children.  We are highly energetic and motivated with a vast resource base.


We believe that all cottage owners, including those that never rent, are equally responsible for the lawful enjoyment of cottage country and protection of the environment for generations to come.  We believe in the importance for all cottage owners to address issues of inappropriate behaviour and environmental protection in a united and positive approach.

We are dedicated to educating owners and renters to ensure the use of best practices that promote proper lake side etiquette and environmental protections for a sustainable cottage rental market.  Our membership recognizes the importance of protecting the health of our lakes and environment through proper septic use and maintenance, natural shoreline promotion and restoration, along with conservation of aquatic life.  


Our members are committed to putting our neighbours first by educating our renters on proper cottage etiquette and healthy lakes.  We promote healthy and positive communication with our neighbours to ensure they feel comfortable contacting us immediately with any concerns. 

We believe in practices that contribute to a healthy and sustainable local economy.  Our members support and promote buying local goods and services and encourage our renters to do the same.  Our members have a passion to see our cottage country communities thrive and raise awareness and donations for special interest groups and charities.  We encourage those members who invest in residential real estate to consider investing in cottage country communities. 

Our members believe that regulation of recreational cottage rentals will not solve noise complaints, dog complaints, parking complaints  or environmental concerns.   There are already by-laws to address all of these complaints and concerns.  We believe that behaviour of residents and renters should be regulated through enforcement of existing by-laws. We believe that bureaucratic regulation will dissuade owners from renting, negatively impact local businesses and economy, impact property values and strain municipal budgets funded by ratepayers.

We maintain that leasing our recreational waterfront properties is a disposition of  property and  a right granted to the property owner under Common Law in Ontario. 


Advocate, Educate, Support

The Cottage Rental Association is dedicated to advocating on behalf of recreational waterfront cottage rental owners in opposition to municipal regulation of our common law rights.  


We seek to engage Municipal and Provincial governments in a positive way to develop and implement best practices to ensure a sustainable cottage rental market in Ontario's cottage country.  We collaborate and cooperate with Municipalities and rental agencies to educate and support owners and their renters in the use of best practices for harmonious lawful enjoyment and environmental protection.  


We advocate on behalf of local residents, businesses and the economy  by promoting and  educating owners and renters on the importance of buying goods and services locally and supporting  local charities or special interest groups. We  engage in productive and collaborative communication with local businesses and trades persons to help advertise and promote their existence to both owners and renters.  


We collect data, investigate and report on various topics that impact cottage rental owners and renters, the environment, local business and economy, law enforcement, government and lake associations in regards to cottage rentals.  We encourage residents and lake associations with complaints regarding cottage rentals to contact us so that we can assist with mediation and resolution, or in some cases, proper documentation and reporting of complaints to local authorities.  We support local law enforcement through community oriented responses to  problems and complaints for productive and timely resolutions.


Our Cottage Rental Association recognizes and understands that the topic of recreational waterfront property rentals is an emerging topic across Ontario.  Our primary objective is to advocate on behalf of cottage rental owners, educate owners and renters and support municipalities in developing  and implementing strategies and solutions that are resource and cost effective in establishing peace and  harmony for all residents.